A presentation on Honecore Eco-friendly packaging

Thursday, November 24, 2011

a case study

we at HonECOre are working day in day out to save the environment by allowing for companies to shift from using wooden packaging to ECO-FRIENDLY and BIO DEGRADABLE packaging. One of our success stories goes as follows:

  • Product: Motorcycle parts
  • mode of transport: Truck
  • Distance of travel 2500+ kms
  • pain points addressed: 
    1. Damages were reduced from earlier 40% (to the extent of USD500,000/annum) to <2%.
    2. each box of wood weighed 7.2 kgs. The new ECO box from HonECOre weighs 1.5kgs and is made completely of recycled paper.
    3. Total wood saved per month: 7.2kgs * 1200boxes = 8640kgs
    4. Other benefits: 
      1. reduced fuel consumption due to lower payload per truck
      2. completely eliminated use of nails and splinters making it safer for workers.

Friday, November 18, 2011