A presentation on Honecore Eco-friendly packaging

Thursday, November 24, 2011

a case study

we at HonECOre are working day in day out to save the environment by allowing for companies to shift from using wooden packaging to ECO-FRIENDLY and BIO DEGRADABLE packaging. One of our success stories goes as follows:

  • Product: Motorcycle parts
  • mode of transport: Truck
  • Distance of travel 2500+ kms
  • pain points addressed: 
    1. Damages were reduced from earlier 40% (to the extent of USD500,000/annum) to <2%.
    2. each box of wood weighed 7.2 kgs. The new ECO box from HonECOre weighs 1.5kgs and is made completely of recycled paper.
    3. Total wood saved per month: 7.2kgs * 1200boxes = 8640kgs
    4. Other benefits: 
      1. reduced fuel consumption due to lower payload per truck
      2. completely eliminated use of nails and splinters making it safer for workers.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

HonECOre expands to PUNE

After expanding from Bangalore to New Delhi, HonECOre is now present in Pune to cater to the markets in the western region too. 

HonECOre recongized by DECCAN CHRONICLE

honECOre wins ICERP award

Replacing Wooden Boxes

We at HonECore are offering solutions to replace your wooden boxes with our lightweight and eco-Friendly ECO BOX.

designed to absorb impacts and mishandling of material popularly seen in the developing world, the ECO BOX offers far greater protection in comparison to the wooden boxes. What's even better, you save on costs too and in more ways than one. Direct savings and indirect savings from the use of ECO BOX offer you the edge in today's competitive market scenario.

These boxes are perfect for applications starting from 10kgs to as high as applications weighing a few tonnes. Now you can say good bye to wood and plywood from your packaging section.

Ideal for exports, palletized, non-palletized, WIP storage, stacking and a lot more....

contact us to know more and get a demo of the ECO-BOX at your unit by clicking on the link below.

Abhijeet Makhijani Co-Founder and director - Lsquare Eco Products at DELHI WOOD 2011

praveen Crasta _ Co-Founder and MD Lsquare Eco Products Pvt Ltd.

praveen Crasta _ Co-Founder and MD Lsquare Eco Products Pvt Ltd. in THE WEEK