A presentation on Honecore Eco-friendly packaging

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

packers and movers

Packer and movers over the years have sought flexible packaging materials to try and pack in all odd shapes and sizes. ease of use of the packaging material is critical to a packer and mover. The quicker something can packaged the better it is. Reliability of the material is crucial.

The usual way to go about business is to get to the site with basic packaging material like rolls of corrugated sheets, tapes, wooden crates, boxes, bubble wrap, cling wrap etc. The items packed include everything from television sets, kitchen ware, sofa sets, refrigerator and all that you can see around yourself at home. Glass item can be tricky to pack at times as a lot of them come in odd ball shapes. say, flower vases, for instance.

so whats the connection with honECOre- paper honeycomb.
paper honeycomb, as you may have read in earlier posts on this blog is a strong yet flexible material. With basic hand tools and accessories like packing tape it can cover most shapes. It provides cushioning and resistance to impact. though a honeycomb panel can be thick, it does not add any considerable amount of weight to your existing product. it can accommodate an odd handle, protrusion, void with ease.
and a honeycomb panel need not have to be thick. In fact honeycomb does a great job of replacing bubble wrap. It can be a blessing that all your expensive china needed. those dinner sets you collected over years, those wine glasses, all of them safe and secured in honECOre!

and all of this for prices less than most conventional materials used today.